Jiangsu Zhongjing New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010, and famous as provincial High-tech enterprise & provincial private technology enterprises. The registered capital of the company ups to US $50 million, it occupies the land of 300,000 square meters, and the annual sale of 2013 is up to $50 million RMB. The company possesses the most advanced new paradigm of hydrogen technology and international R&D team of many hydrogen exporters.

Its core technology is to generate high purity hydrogen (99.999%) from water through chemical reaction. This can be done through a portable, convenient, safe, quick and low-cost way. When hydrogen is supplied to fuel cell, the combination of hydrogen and fuel cell can generate electricity power without any noise and pollution. The powder used for generating hydrogen can be put into any type of water, including tap water and water from sea, lake and river, etc. Now company have high efficiency powder, multifunctional hydrogen cell-phone charger, high efficiency hydrogen gas generator, PEMFC generator(8W-100W, 300W-500W, 1kW-10kW), hydrogen heater, hydrogen boiler, either military use or civil use.

To date, all its relevant technologies have registered the patents of both domestic and international, fill the blank of new energy area and resolve the technical barriers of traditional energy field. The breakthrough of hydrogen gas technology will also greatly promote the development of fuel cell industry and drive the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry. The company has been recognized globally as one of the leaders in the hydrogen technology industry. The company has gained full supports from different levels of Chinese government, including municipality, province and state. We believe that Zhongjing New energy science & technology Co., Ltd will become the leader, promoters and creator in this new era of hydrogen energy.

One globe, One world. Through developing cleaner and sustainable new energy. The company is committed to building the green homeland in the earth.

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