Weave Dream in China,Realize dream in ZhongJing



    The Chinese dream, my patriotic dream; The ZhongJing¡¯s dream, my career dream. Dream the place to start, I have two: One is my hometown, youth is full of passion to start business. Over ten years of struggle, with wisdom and efforts to create a well-known private enterprises,---"ZhongJing group "; The other is my career, the hydrogen industry which aspired with my lifetime. Four to five years of hardships, the introduction of international technology, attract top talent, transformation and upgrading of industry, and high efficiency hydrogen powder   and the PEMFC generator series products are step by step towards the markets at home and abroad.

     My dream comes from our motherland. Beautiful China, the blue sky white clouds precious than gold, energy conservation and emissions reduction is more important than the product. "ZhongJing Hydrogen¡± aims to offer clean energy, to aspire the green development, to surprise the society, and to give descendants a lavish gift.

     My dream completed in ZhongJing. Today ZhongJing hydrogen runs with new idea, accurate positioning, and first-class products. We must insist on thinking innovation, motivation mechanism based on talents, technical support, effective management to produce a stronger enterprise, excellent products, big market share, famous brand, and advanced level of the hydrogen industry base.

     Weave Dream in China, realize dream in ZhongJing, I will strive together with my team and staff, I do sure the dreams will come true in tomorrow!

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