On August 22, jiangsu provincial governor li reiterated a line, in zhenjiang, Zhu Xiaoming mayor and party secretary Yang province dantu district party committee secretary Chen Lin, warden Zhang Ying bridge and other leaders, to visit the company inspection guidance.
Governor li reiterated a row has visited the company's new energy technology with the hydrogen generator series product exhibition center, the chairman of the company Wang Jizhong, general manager Zhu Xinjian on independent innovation, integration and application of new energy of work from the aspects such as reporting, on the company's research achievements in the field of the hydrogen generator, especially production platform with Shanghai jiaotong university and other scientific research colleges and universities of science and technology innovation to give full affirmation. Li reiterated the governor also learn more about the hydrogen energy technology and the market prospect of application, requires accompanying provinces and municipalities and relevant departments of the leadership, to vigorously support the innovation and development of hydrogen energy industries and companies, should give policy support.
Inspection instruction was accompanied by vice governor Xu Ming, secretary-general of the provincial government Zhang Jinghua, Yang Genping, He Guoping, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, provincial agriculture commission director Wu Peiliang; Municipal leaders li xuefeng, Xia Xinping; As well as dantu district and Gao Xinyuan relevant leaders.

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